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Beetroot and Goat’s Cheese



With more than 50% beetroot, these roughs are deliciously good for you. Complemented by creamy goats cheese with an added piquancy from the chilli flakes, these make a perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine on a warm summers day.

Portions of veg per 20g: 1 Calories: 97

Tomato and Feta



The perfect blend of tomato, feta, basil and onion. Why go through the hassle of making a fresh salad when you can eat these!? Packed full of delicious goodness each bite is tantalisingly moreish – like cheese and onion but so much better.

Portions of Veg per 20g: 1.5   Calories: 75

Red Pepper and Walnut


Embrace the unexpected with our Red Pepper and Walnut Roughs, a delicate balance of flavours with a subtle smokiness from smoked paprika and a sweet rich undertone of pomegranate molasses.

Portions of Veg per 20g: 1   Calories: 75 Vegan

Carrot and Kimchi


Our new Carrot and Kimchi Roughs are a flavour sensation! With a kick of kimchi spice paired with the smooth flavour of carrots and delicately balanced with shiitake mushrooms, it’s not one to be missed.

Portions of Veg per 20g: 1.5   Calories: 50 Vegan

Pea and Courgette


Sweet and mild, this is our most delicate flavour, with the pea flavour perfectly counterbalanced with the acidity from the lemon. You can taste the sun-drenched garden in these delicate creations.

Portions of Veg per 20g: 1   Calories: 40 Vegan

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